Want to guarantee Marketing ROI?  We’ll help you unleash powerful automation tools, techniques, and workflows to grow  revenue!

Krommatic Marketing is a marketing & sales consulting firm specializing in working with start-ups and small-to-medium sized business in technology, engineering, manufacturing, and professional sports industries. We work with proactive companies looking to make a powerful impact on their industry who want to grow and accelerate ROI and performance.

Krommatic Marketing’s expertise spans from marketing planning and strategic planning to marketing automation tools and sales team alignment to maximize ROI for growth and maximum performance.  We leverage powerful tools like KickTack inbound marketing and ConstantContact email automation to drive maximum performance.

Success starts now. Unleash the power!  By working as one cohesive unit, we organically optimize your plan for success with key milestones to achieve along the way.  You supply the commitment. We provide the tools and insights needed to get you there.

Krommatic Marketing begins from the premise that you can achieve more with inbound marketing.  By unlocking these automation capabilities, you’ll realize what you thought wasn’t possible, aggressive growth and sustained success!

Are there actually people out there who understand inbound marketing automation, and know how to maximize marketing ROI?

Yes. And we look forward to taking you to greater heights!  

Hi, I’m Kris Hingst. For the past seven years, I’ve been embracing inbound marketing and sales workflows to help optimize corporate outputs, outcomes, and goals. I first realized the power of inbound marketing when I made a pivot in my career to focus primarily on marketing efforts through Hubspot & Eloqua back in 2012.

 After moving into a new career, I started sharing my knowledge of inbound marketing through conferences, workshops, presentations, and online blogs. 

The short story is that I love inbound marketing and have developed a knack for communicating and collaborating with others about it’s potential for growth and success. I’ve been told from a few cohorts and mentors that I should share my marketing & sales experience with companies who want to get over the hurdle to aggressive growth & sustained success.

I’m extremely passionate about inbound marketing and sales alignment. In fact, I’ve worked with many individuals and groups both small and large.  Check out Inbound Marketing here

I also work with clients on inbound marketing workflows and marketing ROI goals to exceed their objectives. This includes inbound automation marketing, sales & marketing alignment, email automation, and social media development.

My approach has always been to listen, listen, and listen some more to under your current environment and future ambitions.  Whether you need to quickly grow your company or optimal sales-marketing alignment, we’re here to give you the right path for success.

I’ve been fortunate to have worked in large and small corporations which has given me a unique perspective on what does and doesn’t work with marketing and sales teams whether it’s with a big team or not team at all.

My Education and Training

In addition to being self-taught with various inbound marketing and other marketing tools (Hubspot, KickTack, Eloqua, Zift, ContantContact and more), I have a solid foundation of sales and marketing workshops and certificates.

I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing from Michigan State University.

In 2017, I completed an extensive online certification program via Hubspot that has provided me a ‘stamp of approval’ on inbound marketing, email marketing, contextual marketing, and social media marketing. Anyone looking to deep-dive into marketing, I highly recommend this program. 

I’m also a past member, student, and huge advocate of Dale Carnegie and Articulus programs.

Dale Carnegie is well-known and focused on the improvement of public speaking, listening, communication, and leadership skills. Articulus is a great program catered to sales personnel that provides you a method of effective communication and transforms it into a message that gets people to take action on your ideas.

Personal Fun Facts

I love expresso mocha smoothies, dark chocolate, golf, and dancing.

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